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Emotional Wellbeing and Positive Ageing Facilitation for Women

Positive Ageing

Staying alive and thriving!
Having reached a certain age I've started to become aware of the abundance of negative stereotypes that are so common when it comes to ageing!

We all know about preparing for retirement financially but have you ever considered preparing for it in other ways - mentally, emotionally and physically?

If you are over 50 and starting to become anxious about ageing and all that you think that means; struggling with weight changes, beginning to feel invisible, worrying about whether to get cosmetic surgery or not (with all the accompanying risks) becoming concerned about your relevance at work and so on, now is the time to do something about it!

Don't let those fears take root and drag you
into that abyss!

There are two primary aspects to our views about ageing that I think are especially important:

  • those negative stereotypes are simply wrong and do not represent the vast majority of older people
  • if we don't alter our personal perceptions we will succumb to the negative stereotypes and live out that self-fulfilling prophecy!

While changes have to occur at many other levels too - at society level, in the media, and with government attitudes and policies - you don't have to wait for the rest of society to change. You can get started yourself right now.

There is a way to make preparations to thrive at this later stage of your life and to continue onward from there.
We will all age, we're doing it from the moment we are born, but it's how you approach it that matters, especially at this stage of life, approaching your wisdom years.

Now is the time to start preparing --- I can help you do that. It doesn't have to be a solitary path.